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Vintage Ford Tractors Vintage Ford Tractors covers all American and European models from 1917 on, including: the related David Brown and Massey-Ferguson models; the U.S., Irish, and U.K. Fordsons up to 1964; Ford-Ferguson N Series; Ferguson tractors; U.S. and European Ford and New Holland tractors up to the present-day merger with Fiat Agri; and conversion and aftermarket versions from Funk, Trackson, Selene, Roadless, and County.

The Big Book of John Deere Tractors THE ultimate encyclopedia of John Deere tractors from around the world, The Big Book of John Deere Tractors is a model-by-model historical reference to John Deere tractors-including European models-and more, from their beginning in 1892 until today. Photos showcase beautifully restored tractors and unique paintings and artwork from the Deere archives.

Farmall Tractors by Lee Klancher "Perhaps it's because the tractors are elemental, incredibly well-built, and timeless. Perhaps it's just the fact that the people are a good lot. Whatever the reason, tractor restoration is pretty much what you make it; most people won't pick your freshly restored tractor apart for painting the impulse coupler retaining clip the wrong color or some other nonsense. It's more casual: "Hey Vern, ya' forgot ta' put on yer' magneto but, hey, she looks great!"

Farmall Tractors Farmall Tractors in the 1950s Just as International introduced cutting edge technology and posted phenomenal sales numbers with its Farmall tractors prior to World War II, they continued to make waves in the 1950s by cleverly repackaging existing technology. In addition to covering the development and evolution of the Farmall Cub, this all-color slice of tractor history examines everything from subtle styling changes to the demise of the long-running Letter Series and the rise of the Number Series all the way through the 650 industrial model.

How to Rebuild and Restore Farm Tractor Engines How to Rebuild and Restore Farm Tractor Engines
by Spencer Yost
A plentiful supply of relatively inexpensive old farm tractors, combined with a nostalgia for America's agrarian past, has spurred a steadily growing interest in the tractor restoration hobby. But getting that old engine to turn over can be a long row to hoe. Internationally recognized old tractor expert Spencer Yost guides readers through the ins and outs of restoring old tractor engines, from removal to painting and reinstallation.

Love, Sex and Tractors by Roger L. Welsch Love, Sex and Tractors by Roger L. Welsch He's not a mechanical marvel, but his grasp of writing entertaining books is complete. Reading Love, Sex and Tractors is like having a conversation with an old friend, plus you are guaranteed to burst out laughing before finishing the first chapter. What follows after that is a rollicking adventure covering some very unusual subjects. After all, the title is "Love, Sex and Tractors!" You don't have to know a blame thing about tractors to enjoy this book.

John Deere Two-Cylinder Collectibles (Collectors' Reference Guide) From 1892 to 1960, John Deere built exclusively two-cylinder tractors. Big Green promoted these "Johnny Poppers" with a plethora of merchandise and print advertising intended to grease the wheels with prospective buyers. Today, those giveaways, ads, and merchandise are highly collectible among farm tractor enthusiasts. This illustrated listing provides a photo collage for each group of collectibles, along with a 200-word overview and sampling of items from the category with current values-nearly seven decades of John Deere collectibles in categories like: literature, signage, tools, scale models, watch fobs, and miscellany including cowboy hats, Slinkies, cuff links, casserole dishes, and much more. Absolutely the most complete guide available to the most sought-out segment of John Deere collectibles.


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